Some principles of foam food tray machine should be followed when purchasing.

Some principles of foam food tray machine should be followed when purchasing.

1. To buy from regular stores, try to choose qualified lunch boxes with QS logo produced by regular manufacturers; QS is the abbreviation of “qiyeshipin shengchangxuke” in pinyin of “enterprise food production license”, and the word “production license” is also added. It is a sign that an enterprise obtains food related quality license.

2. Observe whether the fast food box has deformation, peculiar smell, cracking, flower spots, black spots, porcelain discoloration and other phenomena. If so, it indicates that there is a problem with the stability of the product itself. Maybe some ingredients do not react completely during production, or react with some substances during use. No matter what the raw materials are, such products should not be used again.

3. For qualified lunch box products, its material is solidified resin. This material is relatively healthy. The thermal decomposition temperature is about 200 to 300 ℃, but the manufacturing process will affect the thermal decomposition temperature. Therefore, it will be more reliable to choose products from regular and well-known manufacturers.

4. The lunch boxes sold in large trade cities and stores are purchased through formal channels, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. Try not to choose floor stalls and disposable tableware in small shops. In particular, some parents buy disposable tableware for their baby, so they should be more careful.

5. There are also grade differences in fast food boxes. You can choose the right box according to the banquet specifications and dish value.

6. The selection of product colors and patterns should follow the use habits and users’ aesthetic habits. However, generally, plastic lunch boxes should not choose too complex and diverse types of colors, especially those sprayed with unhealthy pigments.

7. Pay attention to check the material to ensure that the tableware plastic is healthy plastic and can withstand the high temperature of food. Do not choose informal lunch boxes with chemical hazards.

Post time: Jan-11-2022